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I Don’t Burn Bridges. I Build Them.

October 29, 2019

I had some personal issues with an in-law recently that ended relatively well all things considered.

Today I received an email thanking me for helping in a very tense situation, spiraling out of control. This situation had nothing at all to do with me. They needed someone to help.

I forwarded the thank you email to my family to inform them of the gracious email. More importantly I wanted to convey the message, “We’re family.”

Enough said, you all know the drill.

Being a Dad, I had to lay it on a bit.  I have lived by  this premise for a lifetime to most people. I said, “I never burn bridges. I build them.”

Even though this has been ingrained in me and is part of my personal and professional value system, I have never said, “I build them.” Maybe to egocentric. In fact it’s just practical common sense.

So at this point, I’m feeling really clever (a.k.a. egocentric) so I googled it. Sure enough I can confirm there is no such thing as an original thought. I found this great article which is an affirmation to how I think and how I feel.


Best Advice I Ever Got: Don’t Burn Bridges, Build Them

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